Who is joe from true blood dating dating 2 guys friends

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Who is joe from true blood dating

So I actually got to hang out with wolves and wolf trainers and speak to them about wolf habits, wolf behavior.And then I got a bunch of wolf videos and read wolf books, and really got down with the animal.” “It adds an extra layer of complexity.For me, there’s a side of him that he is when he’s away from [the other werewolves] and one when he gets around them. He’s kind of like Superman, in the way that Superman is this super-powered being from another planet and he has to figure out what human is.His secret identity is kind of a comment on what being a human is, and Alcide is very much that way.Obviously, there are fans and they have expectations and they’re excited about you, and you want to meet those expectations the best you can.So I really got into the footwork and the gym time and the dialect coach and the whole deal and just really worked my a– off prepping for the role.” “The fan support for my character, even before I had shown up on the show, was completely overwhelming.

I can’t wait to see you.’ Which, of course, adds more pressure and you just hope everybody’s going to be happy with your portrayal and what you’re doing.

The other side of it too is that I was being trusted with creating the behavioral patterns for a new race.

I was flattered that they trusted me as much as they did, but you just kind of get in there and let your instincts take over.” “Alcide acts a certain way when he’s dealing with Sookie and, when he’s around other werewolves, there’s another side of him that comes out.

He has this secret identity where he has to hide his superpowers and, basically, pretend that he’s weaker than he is.” “It’s funny, we had conversations on the set about werewolf dating and what conversations you need to have on what date.

At what time does Alcide tell the girl he’s dating that, ‘Hey, so, I have a time of the month, too.

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