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Nexus singles dating

Next month the theatre launches a monthly singles night aimed at taking the stigma away both from going to the theatre alone and being unattached.

"Here we are very couple-orientated," says Rogers, 26 and single.

It is, by popular consensus, the place to come if you're single and seeking.

"People never come in here on their own," she insists after I have walked past the impenetrable single-sex clusters, panicked over where to put myself and finally perched on a stool by the window.

I am the only person on my own in the bar and I stick out like, well, like a woman on her own in a bar.

As in the UK, men and women are working harder and longer and simply don't have time for quality socialising.

Similarly, women, wary of mistaking a psychopath for a soulmate, an eligible bachelor for a married man, don't date strangers.

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Cheryl Brown of Candleburners introduction agency says: "Five years ago, when I used to go to weddings of couples I had introduced, I would keep very quiet.