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If the error occurs when the printer is idle or not connected to the network or PC, however, there may be a printer hardware or connection problem.Sometimes a bad connection with an Internal Network Adapter/Network Card can cause the issue.You actually flash it with the sketch that you write in arduino ide.Because updates are cumulative, when you install the latest update, you'll also get all the previous updates if your Surface doesn't have them already.

My setup:1) os: OSX El Capitan2) esp: ESP8266-013) Arduino Uno: DCCDuino clone4) flasher: esptool.py5) connections: ESP--- Arduino GND(-): GNDGPIO0: GNDEN(CH_PD): 3.3v VCC( ): 3.3v TX: TXRX: RXThis was failing, so the solution was: Add 1000mf capacitor between and -, and that's it!

https://github.com/espressif/ESP8266_AT https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B3d UKfqz Znlwd UJUc2hk ZDUy Vj A/view https://drive.google.com/folderview?

Is it necessary to flash the 8266 module before programming it with any code to use it for some purpose ?

Try these : Disconnect RX and TX connections, GND, VCC (must be 3.3V) CH_PD(pull high), RESET(PULL HIGH) and press the RESET button 2 OR 3 times rapidly.

The Continuous/ fast blinking Blue LED should problem will not go until you re-flash it.

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I am trying to reflash my ESP-07 (as I can not communicate with it any way) using the simple Flash Downloader, but it fails to finish flashing every time.