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Our K9 program and special operations plain clothes unit are examples.

Each year, West Edmonton Mall Security agents respond to thousands of calls for service ranging from emergency situations to lost children to celebrity appearances.

We would like to remind you to watch your valuables.

For the security of our guests, please do not leave purses and other items unattended.

The train struck one of the women in the arm, but she is expected to recover. Schneider said Jarvis, a former K9 security guard, was just getting his life back together after a near-death car crash in 2017 left him unable to walk. “He’s gone through so much in the last year.” Schneider is asking for sensors or cameras to be installed at crossings that would notify conductors when someone is on or around them.Picketing, demonstrating, soliciting and petitioning are prohibited.Distributing handbills requires the prior written consent of West Edmonton Mall management.Also, please note that while at West Edmonton Mall, you may be subject to a security interview.Violators of any of the Mall Rules will be asked to leave the property or possibly be arrested.

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Any vehicle left unattended in the drop off/pick-up area is subject to being towed at the owner's expense.