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The sweating can caused by elevated cortisol affecting the hippocampus.

Elevated cortisol kills neurons in the brain, inhibiting short-term memory and concentration. Your body uses cortisol to kill brain cells so you won't remember terror or unpleasant experiences.

POTS is currently primarily attributed to Gardasil's unusually strong nano-particle Aluminum adjuvant, which hyper-activates Antigen Presenting Cells (APCs).

These APCs result in both Ig E and NON-Ig E immune responses.

That is why there is a double standard, and foreign children enjoy greater protection.

The table below is taken from the actual EXCLUSION CRITERIA for the GARDASIL HPV vaccine, Clinical Trial # NCT01096134 The EXCLUSION CRITERIA for the GARDASIL HPV Vaccine is much more strict overseas, compared to the United States, because MERCK can be sued in other countries for illness and death caused by vaccines.

MERCK cannot be sued in the United States, except in a secret "Vaccine Court," where testimony is typically removed "for the good of the people." If your infant or toddler had a fever after a vaccination, and now continually has a sweaty head that soaks a pillow after a short nap, plus has had frequent diarrhea and or hard stools/constipation, he may be well on his way to AUTISM!

Cortisol, a natural steroid, is released by the body to stop the inflammation caused that can be caused by the aluminum adjuvant in a vaccine.

Pap Smear 430 Cervical Dysplasia 157 Cervical Cancer 41 Life Threatening 444 Emergency Rm. Stay 201 Serious 3111 Adverse Events 23388 Clayton Shroyer: "Not to speak religion, but rather history.Neglected tropical diseases are responding to global donor efforts.Newly emerging diseases move to new regions and became endemic, and deadly localized hemorrhagic fevers threaten to transmit more widely.Sanitation, food control, vaccines, and antibiotics have reduced the toll of communicable diseases, saving millions of lives.Smallpox was eradicated in 1977, and poliomyelitis eradication is close.

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