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Amy adams dating

She once again exchanges insults with Bumper on his bus.

At the Semi finals, after the Bellas performance, Aubrey shouts at Beca over changing the song on their setlist. The group loses the competition and they split up during the spring break.

After the competition's over, Fat Amy joins an argument that soon turned fight between the Treblemakers and The Tonehangers, and runs away when the police come, leaving Beca to get arrested.

Fat Amy is the one who is driving the bus for the Bellas on their way to Semi Finals, and while at the gas station, she is attacked by Bumper, who throws a burrito at her. After she cleans herself, she continues the ride (Beca reminds her there still a taco piece behind her ear) and sings along with the Bellas until the bus suddenly stopped in the middle of the road.

Fat Amy is hanging out with her friends at a pool when she gets a message saying that the Bellas are back in the competition.

This horrifies the world (including Obama) and humiliates the Bellas.She then confesses something at the confession time; her real name is "Fat Patricia".She then silently laughs when Denise says "i still love you" to Cynthia, and says that she and everybody knew that Stacie has a lot of sex.She is easily angered for brief moments, as she attacks the Tonehanger members, is verbally angry with Bumper after being thrown at by a taco, and jumps on Chloe and Aubrey.However, her confidence actually hides other things she is ashamed of; such as her original name being Fat Patricia.

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She then jumps on them while yelling "move, you bitches!